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Automate invoice processing and go paperless from Day 1

Going electronic means everything moves faster so you can reduce high operating costs, stop paying late fees and start capturing early payment discounts.

Go from hands-on to touchless

Use best-in-class accounts payable software for straight-through processing of both purchase order (PO) and non-PO invoices, allowing you to focus on exceptions only.

Simplify operations

Reduce transactional costs and eliminate routine tasks by optimizing invoice processing for both indirect and direct procurement that also maximises early payment discounts capture.

Minimize wasted time

Receive invoices directly into your system to process them faster and reduce inquiries from suppliers by providing payment status as a self-service.


AP Automation: quick guide

Get control over the entire invoice handling process with innovative, efficient and cost-effective invoice automation software. With AP Automation you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver savings to the business and reduce the cost of operations with accounts payable software
  • Integrate automatic processes with your back-end systems quickly and effectively
  • Go paperless from Day 1 and free up time to add more value
  • Move your suppliers to true e-Invoices and self-service
  • Increase efficiency of processing PO, non-PO and recurring invoices with invoice automation software
  • Achieve world class operational excellence with reduced complexity
  • Improve approval times and compliance to pay suppliers on time
  • Maximise your profitability and turn accounts payable into a revenue generator


Flight Centre: Bernet provides a global solution to Australasia’s leading travel agency group with an Automated Invoice Processing solution.

Each year, Flight Centre GP processes over one million invoices and travel documents in over 20 currencies from over 5,000 suppliers operating in 30 countries. Incoming invoices contain product and service offering line items that include more than 15,000 different types of options for hotels and accommodation, tours, car rentals and more.

View Flight Centre case study

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